"Man, sometimes it takes you a long time to sound like yourself." - Miles Davis

Life has been full of ups and downs, and I wanted to share a practice that has resonated with me recently, in case it might be of benefit: the practice of daily intention setting.

Every morning, I set a bell to ring on my timer five minutes before the end of my meditation session, and during those five minutes I allow an intention for the day to arise: what support might I need from myself today? What might it be helpful to remember? I ask myself these questions a few times and wait. I don't search for the answer, I just give it space to emerge. Then, whatever it is, I write it down in a notebook. (The image below is one from a few days ago.)

This practice has helped me to come back during my day when I start to get lost--having this reminder to ground myself has been so supportive. And I am finding that doing this at the end of my meditation session, after my mind has had time to cycle through all its usual patterns, allows space for a gentle intention to arise.

AuthorEmily Herzlin