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Emily Herzlin is a writer and editor with a particular love for memoir, poetry, and playwriting. She received her MFA in Nonfiction Writing from Columbia University in 2012, and attended the Summer Writing Program at Naropa University in 2012. Emily is interested in the role of mindfulness in the creative process, and teaches mindfulness workshops for writers at the Interdependence Project and other arts organizations in NYC. Publications include USA Today, The Island Review, Shambhala Publications The Under 35 Project, The Women’s International Perspective, and Crescendo City.

Emily began practicing mindfulness meditation in 2003 to help her cope with chronic illness. She has been a student at the Interdependence Project (IDP) since 2005, and is also a graduate of IDP's Yearlong Immersion and Instructor Training Program. She teaches workshops, retreats, and teacher trainings at IDP.

Emily is a Certified MBSR teacher. She trained to teach MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) at the University of Massachusetts Medical School Center for Mindfulness. She attended the MBSR Teacher Development Intensive in November 2013, the Nine-Day Practicum in MBSR in July 2013, and the MBSR in Mind-Body Medicine professional training in 2015. She has been teaching mindfulness meditation since 2011 (Columbia University, The Interdependence Project, Exubrancy, Adelphi University, Astoria First Presbyterian Church, Mission to (dit)Mars, GreenspaceNYC, the Astoria Bookshop.)

A resident of Astoria, Queens, Emily leads regular mindfulness meditation classes in her neighborhood. She founded the weekly meditation community Mindful Astoria in 2013.

Currently Emily works as a Mind-Body Therapist at Weill Cornell Medicine's Integrative Health and Wellbeing Program. She worked as a Mind-Body Therapist at Memorial Sloan Kettering from 2016-2018. 

Emily is working on a collection of teachings about mindfulness and Judaism, a book about her obsession with 19th century Irish playwright John Millington Synge and the Aran Islands. Emily won the Columbia University Interdisciplinary Arts Council Grant for work on this project.

Emily is a graduate of the 16-month Jewish Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training through the Institute for Jewish Spirituality. She offers meditation practice for Malkhut, a Jewish community in Western Queens.



B.A. from NYU (Dramatic Literature and Creative Writing)

M.F.A. from Columbia University (Nonfiction Writing)

Summer Writing Program (Naropa University)

MBSR Teacher Development Intensive (CFM)

Practicum in MBSR (CFM)

MBSR in Mind-Body Medicine (CFM)

Mindful Schools Online Curriculum Training (Mindful Schools)

Yearlong Immersion and Meditation Teacher Training (The Interdependence Project)

Jewish Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training (The Institute for Jewish Spirituality)



"Over the course of eight weeks (which included a memorable daylong Saturday retreat), I learned so much I'd never known before, about breathing, paying attention, communicating with people and realizing what my physical self is telling me. The classes were beautifully organized and paced – each session flew by – and included a combination of meditation practice, lessons and discussion. It was a revelation to me how many different ways there are of practicing meditation, and how many ways it can be incorporated into daily life. The whole experience was, to me, a profound and rewarding mix of the practical and the spiritual." - R

"Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction is an essential skill that I have been seeking to cultivate. Under the expertise and gentle guidance of Emily Herzlin, I learnt the skills to investigate and be aware of my thoughts, feelings and beliefs. The meditation, yoga and group sharing /discussions practices helped me to embody the full experience of learning and relaxation. It was a transformative experience. I'm happier and more fulfilled having learnt these skills." -  L

"Emily's course brought me home to my experience, and brought me a sense of peace and understanding.  I have tried various helping and healthy pursuits over the years, most of which had something to offer.  What was unique about MBSR with Emily was that it helped me get in touch with my body, and to trust and feel more comfortable in my own wisdom.  Emily is gentle and perceptive, with a kind sense of humor.  Her teaching helped direct me towards the teacher inside myself, and to answers that have been in front of me all along." - J

"The MBSR 8 week course could not have come at a better time in my life. I was going through many changes in my personal life and felt like I needed something to ground my emotions and daily interactions. The meditation process has really changed my perspective and has really allowed me to practice patience and kindness towards myself and others. I find that I communicate more with ease and trust the decisions I make every day. Paired with the supportive and peaceful environment at Savasana Station, I highly recommend Emily's MBSR course!" - B

"I recently took the MBSR training with Emily Herzlin at Kim Stetz's Savasana Station Yoga studio. I could not recommend this class more for anyone looking for wonderful instruction in meditation. There are many reasons why someone is drawn to meditation and in this class all are welcomed. My biggest surprise was in the little gifts that unfolded in my life each day as a result of my changing perspective." - M

"Emily Herzlin is a wonderful teacher, kind and knowledgeable and assured." - K

"Emily Herzlin is great at guiding both new and experienced meditators, no matter whether they're coming from secular, spiritual, or religious perspectives. She draws on multiple traditions and sources of wisdom (including spiritual aproaches and scientific resources) and always provides useful, nonjudgmental suggestions. Meditation practice is the centerpiece of her class, but she makes sure to give students a framework for understanding it beforehand, and to give students a substantive opportunity after the practice to ask questions and explore their experiences. From the low-key opening icebreaker to the soft chime of the closing bell, Herzlin provides a great learning environment." - S



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